Giulia Raponi studied scenography at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Roma and in 2001 participated in an Erasmus programme in Salamanca, Spain, where she did an experimental engraving course with Professor Josè Fuentes. In Salamanca, a cosmopolitan artistic centre, she met artists from Taiwan that introduced her to Oriental art and culture. then moved to France in Toulouse where she completed a course in Design and the History of Art at the Académie des Beaux-Arts.
Once back in Rome she started working in a theatrical scenography workshop specialized in scultures, “Scenotecnica più” and in “Spazio scenico”, a theatrical workshop specialized in painting and backdrops where she created scenographies for Franco Zeffirelli, Ezio Frigerio, Hugo de Ana, Pierluigi Pieralli, Gianni Quaranta, Mauro Carosi, Pier Luigi Pizzi, William Orlandi.
This experience, which allowed her to discover materials such as epoxy resins used for sculptures, Her paintings and her sketches are full of materials. The works are developed in layers superimposed one over the other, where one layer does not hide the other but modifies or shapes it in some way; the transparence represents the passing of time, the addition of colour modulates the various moods of the work .
Paper, fabric, photographs, prints merge with the liquid wax and the ink to describe a city, a landscape or people, slowly losing their origins to become other.